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what is

emotional eating?

Emotional eating is basically the “wrong diet” for the hunger of our hearts. Let’s call it malnutrition of emotional needs.

Food is our best friend and our worst enemy. It’s like the worst best friend you ever had. And she’s ALWAYS there for you. Unfortunately.

It’s the experience of losing control when it comes to eating. What and how much we eat. And feeling powerless about it. It’s that battle we just can’t seem win in the long run. 

We eat in secret and thoughts about food, our bodies and our weight take up a lot of our daily lives.

Battling our bodies and our weight for years is the rule – rather than the exception – as well as believing our challenges are a matter of lack of willpower and self-control.  Guess what?  It never was.

So, if you have repeatedly struggled with your eating and trying to lose weight – then you’ve come to the right place!

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Self-Love
Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating self-love
it’s my core specialty

I am helene

I work with wonderful individuals – probably a lot like you – with a deep desire to transform their eating and their bodies – but struggling to find the right path.

After winning my battle with severe emotional eating and obesity, losing 130 lbs and discovering true self-love, I’ve committed my life to helping others do the same. Because I want you to know, that living freely and confidently inside a healthy body – is possible for anyone. Yes, I’m talking to you!

As an expert – I know what works – and what doesn’t. It ain’t easy. You know this already. I know it too.  Because I’ve lived it. Felt it. Tasted it – Oh yes, I get it!

Personally, I lived the yo-yo weight and food obsession for nearly 30 years before breaking free. So I have seen and felt first hand, how myths and shame, manic dieting, intense workout routines, doctors and detoxes all succeed in keeping amazing people like you and me from ever reaching our most cherished goals.

And THAT’S why I used my training and background in psychology, coaching and eating transformation to develop a system that actually works.  The F2E2 method.  

NO shame. NO guilt. NO diet. NO confusion. NO BS.


get started

This is where the magic happens!

Now, I know you’ve worked hard. You’ve probably made sacrifices in your life that most people can’t even imagine in the name of food control and weight loss. And you’re motivated to look and feel great.
But between the conflicting information, misinformation, and downright untruths being told about weight loss and emotional eating – where would you even start?

I have the answer to that.  RIGHT HERE.  This is where you start. Together – we get the job done and you will learn why it never worked before!


Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

If you have repeatedly struggled with control over food and have been battling your weight – then you’ve come to the right place!

Take a look at the role food plays in your life
– I have a developed a quiz just for that.

We can not change what we can not see.


Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

What is emotional eating really about?

Get curious and read a little about the facts behind the eating.

Here is my in depth guide – where I share my unique knowledge and experience alongside facts from the best researchers and scientists in the field of Emotional Eating.


Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

My programs are designed to give you the tools you need to create a healthy, happy future.  

They will, forever change your relationship with food and the way you experience life.

If you’re looking to make leaps in terms of self-love and weight loss come on in!

learn why it

never worked before

i help you create

sensational results

You know those days where the little number on the scale decides whether you are going to have a good or bad day? Or the days where thoughts about food, body and weight consumes your mind?  I do.

And that’s why I am here to share this important message. There’s a better/healthy way to win the battle you are fighting with your body and beat those pounds & kilos. Without all the dieting and stressful feelings of not being good enough. A way to reclaim your freedom from food and weight – and an ally walking you through every step of the way.

So, if you’re repeatedly struggling for control over your eating and trying to lose weight – then you’ve come to the right place! Take a deep breath … help is here!  Now, take a look right here!

To grow, we need to embrace change. To embrace change we need to accept our current truth. To be truthful we need courage. To be courageous we need hope – and seeing is believing.  So take a look at this….

they are happy

  • ”I have had the great pleasure of working with Helene. She is both kind, caring and sharp, and quickly gets to the essence of who you are and where your key issues hide. She taught me how to stay grounded when I tried to "run away" and flew with me when I needed extra energy. I will recommend her to anyone struggling with eating challenges and have wishes of transformation any day of the week and twice on a sunday".

    Tina Petersen Airport Handler
  • ”I give Helene my very best recommendations. She is the woman who helped me find my voice and learn how to reflect that in all my everyday decissions. In my eating. In my choices. So that I can live at ease and quit struggling. After a couple of emails and calls the transformation was already happening. What used to be boring, dull and sad - became filled with joy and health. I am eternally grateful for all great and implementable solutions!"

    P. K. Politician
  • ”I am so happy to have started this journey with Helene. I have previously experienced losing over 85 lbs - by sheer willpower - but put them all back on again. And again. I never really felt at home in my body or my soul. Always out of place somehow. Different. I sometimes get insecure and stumble but that's ok, unlike before I now know how to continue without freaking out. Having Helene with me has changed everything and the results are better than I ever dared hope for".

    Ditte Kaspers Mother
let’s do it together

work with me

It’s time to drop the shame! Freedom from emotional eating is here. 

All my programs are designed to give you all the tools you need to create a healthy, happy future that will transform the way you experience life. If you are looking to make quantum leaps in terms of self-love and have dreams of lasting weight loss – then come on in darling!


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