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Classical symptoms of eating challenges may include

* Eats alone

We may start avoiding situations that include eating together, and may wish to eat alone. We will often hide our eating.

* Extreme focus on food

We will obsess over food. This could display as an intense interest in recipes, meals, calorie intake, shopping for groceries and cooking.

* Extreme exercise

We may start working out excessively and the exercise does not appear to be in any way connected to the joy of the game/activity. The exercise regime can appear almost compulsive for us.

* Physical signs

Amongst many physical signs are constipation, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, weight gain or weight loss.

* Hides the body

We will usually have a heavy arsenal of excuses as to why we will not participate in physical activities that involve other people.  Anything where our physical condition can’t remain private will be an issue.  Such as going to the gym together, swimming at the pool or beach, and a preference to shower at home.

* Isolation

We don’t seem to thrive on human interaction anymore but rather prefer to withdraw, avoids social engagements and isolate ourselves in our own world.

* Lack of concentration and restlessness

We have a hard time focusing on a specific task or activity due to lack of concentration and restlessness. We can have a hard time remaining in the same situation for longer periods of time and may experience sleeping disturbances.  

* Mood swings

We seem to experience large and frequent mood swings ranging from depressive states to almost euphoria.

* Low Self esteem

We seem to suffer from a very low self esteem which could be expressed as “I am worth less than others” and “my needs are not as important as those of others in this relationship, family, workplace, school.” We will constantly seek to be validated through approval for a job well done, also known as people pleasing.

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Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating self-love
Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating self-love
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