Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

Freedom from Emotional Eating is ten-week personal coaching & mentoring program that teaches you how to break through your old patterns of emotional eating and build a new healthier foundation from which you can achieve anything you want.  

Through this coaching, you will discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you step out of the eating challenges that have troubled you for so long –  and it will forever transform the way you think about eating and food. You’ll walk onwards in life away with the ability of knowing HOW and WHAT to eat with ease.

This is your chance to free yourself from past compulsive eating and body-shame and getting the success you know you’re meant for.

In this process, we will work through five different areas including Courage, Clarity, Insight, and Reconnection. By developing mastery in these five areas, you will have emotional freedom as well as weight loss achievements. You will feel more purposeful and fulfilled.

Depending on your relationship with food, current lifestyle, commitments, knowledge and time – what you need will be tailored step-by-step and personalized for YOU.  I will not just give you information and then send you on your way.  Instead, I will teach you exactly HOW to put it into daily practice and I keep you accountable.

We will discover ten inspiring modules packed with game-changing information – revealing easy to follow steps that you will start implementing straight away.  You’ll learn how to control your eating, understand what’s really going on and get connected to your emotions, so that you can be successful in your new healthy lifestyle

When working with me 1-on-1, as your coach, I guide you through the essential building blocks of the 5 stages for getting in control – once and for all!

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

this is for you, if you…

* feel like food plays too big a role in your daily life.

* can tell that you have somewhat lost control of your eating habits.

* would like to love and accept yourself more.

* wish to be able to eat without guilt and shame.

* want to let go of emotional eating and weight issues – without force, control and crazy dieting.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

maybe you’ve thought…

“Why can’t I just pull myself together and stop eating?”

“Why can’t I control the amounts I eat?”

“Why am I so weak?”

“Will I ever find a solution that works?”

“I’ve tried everything and I just can’t lose that weight!”

…and maybe you feel that no matter what you do, you are stuck in spiral of emotional eating and self-blame that you can’t break out of.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what will I learn?

“Freedom from Emotional Eating” is a five module combined self-study and LIVE mentoring designed to support you in getting the life, eating habits and weight of your dreams.

This course shares the exact steps I took to shift my own beliefs and relationship with food – and go from feeling deeply unhappy and powerless at 280 lbs. to being healthy, happy, emotionally free and much more (plus a weight loss of 130 lbs!).

Throughout this course, you’ll learn…

* Why emotional eating has been your solution, not your problem…

* The patterns of your thoughts and feelings – and why & how they may be stopping you from getting rid of emotional eating and creating the life you dream of living.

* How to identify your triggers and create new and better ways to deal with life.

* How to drop the shame and guilt.

* That willingness and honesty is your superpower.

* How to stop falling back in your old patterns when life creeps up on you.

* How to get clear on your values and create the life you want according to them.

* How to communicate and react healthily within yourself and with others.

* To create a new brilliant future vision for yourself and your eating.

* How to use these tools in everyday life and making them work for you.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what will I get?

“Freedom from Emotional Eating” is LIVE mentoring with Helene Philipsen combined with self-study exercises – meaning as soon as you register, you’ll pick the start date of your choice and then get access to the start-up material straight away.

We will plan and have our fist LIVE session in person or on Skype and the exercises will be made available to you on a weekly basis including support from me to complete them. On our weekly LIVE meeting I go in depth with the subject and lesson of the week.

“Freedom from Emotional Eating” consists of five modules, plus a set of booster shot bonuses. The five modules contain over 100 pages of worksheets, guides and exercises and audios recorded by Helene Philipsen.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

how will I get there?

Within “Freedom from Emotional Eating”, you get five modules (worksheets + audio) covering the following topics:

Module 1 : The End

Module 2 : The Pause

Module 3 : Now you See me, Now you don’t

Module 4 : The Free Flow

Module 5 : The Beginning – Let’s Create!

Phase 2 : Walking the Talk!

Plus you’ll get…

Bonuses such a screensavers and meditations developed especially for emotional eaters and other downloadable materials to support you on this journey of transformation

* Access to the list of Podcasts and books – that has helped me completely change my life and my relationship with food.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what results can i expect?

By completing the modules, being willing and honest and implementing the course work in your heart, body and mind, you can expect to…

* Create sensational results in your life.

* Heal your relationship with your body and with food.

* Drop the shame and the guilt.

* Develop a new emotional lifestyle that takes you from hot mess to happy success.

* Become aware of what’s triggering you to use food as a tool – and to do something new instead.

* Freedom be who you truly are – and knowing who that is.

* Clarity on how to make that happen.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

Why did you create
“Freedom From Emotional Eating”?

Because I’ve been on the other side and I have lived the struggle. I know how it tastes, how it feels and how miserable and out of control I felt.

Just a few years ago, I weighed 280 lbs. and felt powerless and frustrated. I believed I had tried everything and nothing would work for me. I was only in my thirties yet never seemed to have any energy for anything besides just surviving and getting by. I had hit rock bottom.

Around that same time, I discovered treatment for Emotional Eating and decided to choose to life. After my treatment, I decided to create the best possible version of that, my own method the F2E2 (long story short!).

I had gone several rough periods both emotionally and physically during my treatment which took place in a addiction treatment facility.

It was pretty hardcore. My group was a mix of alcoholics, drug addicts, Emotional Eaters, compulsive gamblers and shopaholics. Beautiful souls every single of of them.

Although I had faith and the treatment set me straight on the path of recovery – it was tailored more towards chemical and compulsive disorders – I couldn’t figure out how to also make my weight loss happen and eating “right” was still a total mystery to me.

“I’m gonna have to create a system tailored for women like me!” is what I thought.

And so I did.

I realized that the smart thing to do was to ask for help from the most knowledgeable people in our field, so using my background in psychology, adding education and knowledge on eating challenges, recovery and life coaching – I started consulting the best researchers, doctors and specialist on Emotional Eating. I gathered a ton of statistical facts and study cases in order to make sure I had all my facts straight and then I went for it.  As it turned out – my life long personal experience has turned out to be the most valuable asset of all!

Little did I know that my method would turn out to create sensational results – starting with myself and then others. Freedom from Emotional Eating is pretty revolutionary and has given us a chance of breaking free from the food prison and creating freedom and love – is possible for you too!

Working the “F2E2” mentoring with me is all about the personal connection and the guidance direct access to you enables me to give you.


To get started OR get more info – send me an email at


Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love
Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

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