Helene Philipsen Emotional Freedom Foundation First

Emotional Freedom “Foundation First” is 5 module training program that teaches you how to break through your old patterns of emotional dependency and build a new healthier foundation from which you can achieve anything you want.  

Through this video training, you will have insigths and disover new tools that help you step out of your current pattern of acting …and reacting – and it will forever transform the way you think about everything from love to money to eating.

You’ll walk onwards in life knowing WHY and HOW to deal with life in a self-loving manner.

This is your chance to free yourself from past compulsive behavioursg and shame and getting the success you know you’re meant for.

In this process, you will work through five different areas including stopping self sabotage, getting to know your triggers and defining a new light and joyful future. By developing mastery in these five areas, you will have emotional freedom as well as life achievements. You will feel more purposeful and fulfilled.

You are a beautiful and unique soul and your relationship with yourself, current lifestyle, commitments, knowledge and time – will define how working this program works best for you.

You will discover five inspiring teaching sessions packed with game-changing information – revealing easy to follow steps that you will start implementing straight away.  You’ll learn how to control your emotions, understand what’s really going on and get connected, so that you can be successful in your new healthy lifestyle. Furthermore you will participate in weekly Q&A sessions where we share and work on our exercises together. 

This is first step for discovering how to transform your life – and taking control of your life – once and for all!

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

this is for you, if you…

* feel like your relationship to other people plays too big a role in your daily life.

* can tell that you have somewhat lost control of your emotional wellbeing.

* would like to love and accept yourself more.

* wish to be able to live and love without guilt and shame.

* want to let go of emotional eating and weight issues – without force, control and crazy dieting.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

maybe you’ve thought…

“Why can’t I just pull myself together?”

“Why can’t I control my relationship so that it feels good?”

“Why am I so weak?”

“Will I ever find a solution that works?”

“I’ve tried everything and I just can’t seem to chose the right partner, lose that weight, stop spending that money!”

…and maybe you feel that no matter what you do, you are stuck in spiral of emotional misery and self-blame that you can’t break out of.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what will I learn?

“Foundation First” is a five module TAC (Technology Assisted Care) program designed to support you in the first steps of getting the emotional life of your dreams.
Whether your previous challenges have come from compulsive eating patterns, overspending & underearning or Love-Dependency – or all of the above.

This training shares some of the exact foundational work I myself did, to shift my own beliefs and relationships issues – and go from feeling deeply unhappy and powerless at 280 lbs. to being healthy, happy, emotionally free and much more (plus a weight loss of 130 lbs!).

Throughout this training, you’ll learn…

* Why emotional dependency has been your solution, not your problem…

* How to stop the self sabotage

* To drop the shame and guilt.

* Tools to build Self-esteem and connect to your core-wisdom

* How to identify your triggers and create new and better ways to deal with life.

* How to get clear on your values and create the life you want according to them.

* To create a new strategy that works for you

* How to use these tools in everyday life and making them work for you.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what will I get?

“Foundation First” group program is an online training and self-study program made by Helene Philipsen – meaning as soon as you register, the program will start on the anounced date and you will get access to the course.

“Foundation First” consists of a set of weekly video training sessions, weekly Q&A sessions and exercises and acticities. The five modules each contains an inspirational video, a topic and instructions on how to work the accompagnying exercises. All recorded and developed by Helene Philipsen personally.

We truly believe that committing to your own recovery is essential – we therefor do not offer single session training – healing and growing requires a process – and we can not guarantee the results for which we are famous if we do not deliver the full 5 modules.

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

how will I get there?

Within “Foundation First”, you get five classes, five Q&A sessions and exercises and activities covering the following topics:

Module 1 : Getting past Self Sabotage

Module 2 : Emotional Rescue Kit

Module 3 : Let’s Talk Triggers

Module 4 : Creating a New Future

Module 5 : The Beginning – Let’s Create!

Plus you’ll get…

Module 6 : Using the Daily Tools

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

what results can i expect?

By completing the modules, being willing and honest and implementing the course work in your heart, body and mind, you can expect to…

* Start healing your relationship with your heart and your body.

* Understand how to drop the shame and the guilt.

* Start a new emotional lifestyle that takes you from hot mess to happy success.

* Become aware of what’s triggering you to use external tools like partners, work, food as a tool to cope with life – and to do something new instead.

* Be happier…. waayy happier !

Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

Why did you create the Video Training series “Foundation First”?

Because I’ve been on the other side and I have lived the struggle. I know how it tastes, how it feels and how miserable and out of control I felt.

Just a few years ago, I weighed 280 lbs. and felt powerless and frustrated. I believed I had tried everything and nothing would work for me. I was only in my thirties yet never seemed to have any energy for anything besides just surviving and getting by. I had hit rock bottom.

Around that same time, I discovered treatment for Emotional Eating and decided to choose to life. After my treatment, I decided to create the best possible version of that, my own method the F2E2 (long story short!).

I had gone several rough periods both emotionally and physically during my treatment which took place in a addiction treatment facility.

It was pretty hardcore. My group was a mix of alcoholics, drug addicts, Emotional Eaters, compulsive gamblers and shopaholics. Beautiful souls every single of of them.

Although I had faith and the treatment set me straight on the path of recovery – it was tailored more towards chemical and compulsive disorders – I couldn’t figure out how to also make my weight loss happen and eating “right” was still a total mystery to me.

“I’m gonna have to create a system tailored for people like me!” is what I thought.

And so I did.

I realized that the smart thing to do was to ask for help from the most knowledgeable people in our field, so using my background in psychology, adding education and knowledge on emotional dependency challenges, recovery and life coaching – I started consulting the best researchers, doctors and specialist on Codependency and Emotional Eating. I gathered a ton of statistical facts and study cases in order to make sure I had all my facts straight and then I went for it.  As it turned out – my life long personal experience has turned out to be the most valuable asset of all!

Little did I know that my method would turn out to create sensational results – starting with myself and then others. Emotional Freedom is pretty revolutionary and has given us a chance of breaking free from the emotional prison and creating freedom and love – is possible for you too!

Working the “EF2” mentoring with me is all about the personal connection and the guidance direct access to you enables me to give you.


Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love
Helene Philipsen Emotional Eating Overeating Binge eating disorder self-love

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